Name - Mike Sixonate

Hometown - Mount Pearl, Newfoundland

Genres - Folk, Irish Traditional, Classical, Pirate Punk

Main Influences - Stan Rogers, Neville Quinlan, M.J.K

Mike ​Sixonate can also be written as Mike 618. The numbers symbolize the Golden Ratio and the Philosophy that we are always growing and expanding much like a spiral. It is up to us to us to recognize that we need to learn, Grow, And Evolve all the while not losing touch with our beginnings. Mike started from the bottom and has worked his way into having a great network of musical friends all across the country. He has never been signed to a Record Label and probably never will be. He has a stubborn way of doing everything himself. He is the driving force of Newfoundlands Pirate Themed Band "Nelsons Folly" where he just recently Planned, Outfitted, Directed, filmed and edited the music video for Lambs Nation. He also wrote the song as well as recorded and mixed it. He also runs a successful Songwriters series entitled "Poets and Pickers" Which has seen Juno/ECMA winners and Nominees as well as many people on the Juno/ECMA Radar. His passion for writing songs is something that has been burning for years and his catalog of original material strongly reflects that.

​Mike is Available for private functions, Corporate Events, Festivals, and Pub/cafe Performances. Please CONTACT mike with any questions or opportunities.

Mike Sixonate is a Musician / Songwriter / Producer / Promoter / Booking Agent / Radio Personality and Visual Artist. He has been an active musician for over a decade and has travelled across the Country several times playing his original music.

He started playing very young and bought a classical guitar as soon as he was old enough to work. His style over the years has erupted into a percussive form of fingerpicking that is very rare and unique. His love of world music shines through in most of his endeavours. Back in 2009 he recorded a Latin album entitled "Newfoundlatin" Which is still streaming for free on Soundcloud.