Poets and Pickers is a song writers series that challenges the participating musicians to write a song about a random topic in one week. The song is then performed live at the event. Each series has the host Mike Sixonate and a panel of 3-4 musicians all on stage with microphones and guitars. The evening starts like any average songwriters circle for the first round, each musician will talk a bit about themselves and an original song before performing it.

The second round is what is known as “The Challenge Round”. This is where the songs that each musician has written in the previous week are played. We talk about the highs and lows of the challenge and people get a really amazing and intimate look at how a songwriter actually writes a song, especially while under a little bit of pressure.

The Third round, after a brief intermission, is very laid back, It is known as “The Jam Round”. In this third and final round each musician plays an original song and the other musicians are encouraged to play along(If it is tasteful) and sing harmonies etc. This round has been a favourite among most of our performers.

We also highlight other songwriters at each event.We have played Bruce Springsteen, Jimi Hendrix, Stan Rogers, and many many others. This is always fun because it is never pre planned and always turns into something amazing.

The event is 2.5 hours in duration and Tickets usually cost between $12-$25 depending on the venue and location. This songwriters series is mobile and can be booked anywhere on the island.

For Booking Information please email mikesixonate@gmail.com


Poets And Pickers

 Mike Sixonate  shares the stage with Evan Aucoin, Rea, And Selina Boland.

Show starts at Seven Thirty PM

Call 709-587-3880 for tickets and reservations

Join us for the next episode of Poets and Pickers at Grates Cove Studios!

​Watch the Video Below!

*Terry Reilly 

*Sherry Ryan

*Danielle Bailey

*Len O'Neill (Green and Gold)

​*Kellie Loder

*Evan Aucoin

*Dave Mundy

*Cassandra Abbott

*Paul Brace

​*Sean Murray

Poets and Pickers is Newfoundlands Premiere Challenge Songwriter Series. We take some of the Islands best performers and challenge them to write a song to debut just one week before the show. Many songwriters spanning many genres have been challenged to write a song and perform it! MOST have succeeded ;)

Previous Guests have included (only to name a few of the many)

​*Mike Davis (The Novaks

*Chris Picco (The Long Distance Runners)

*Jodi Richardson (The Pathological Lovers)

*Brianna Gosse

*Terry Rielly


 Celebrating the Songwriters of Newfoundland and Labrador